Textbook of Ethnic Dermatology

In this book edited by F.F.V. Hamerlinck MD PhD, Prof. J.R.M.G. Lambert MD PhD and Prof. H.A.M. Neumann MD PhD, you will find information about, for example, efflorescences of the colored skin, nosology, ethnic itch, pigmentary disorder, atopic eczema in ethnic skin, vitiligo in ethnic dermatoses, inflammatory diseases on ethnic skin, parasitology of black skin, tropical bacteriology and mycology, sexually transmitted diseases in ethnic skins, skin manifestations in HIV-infection, bullous diseases, skin cancers, genodermatoses, venous disturbance, cosmetic science and care for darker skin.

The pigmented skin has a different physiology and very different biochemical composition compared to the Caucasian skin. The manifestations of even the common dermatological diseases can vary greatly between patients with different depths of pigmentation in their skin. The pigmented skin requires its own specific approach and treatment. Also knowledge of the different cultures is important in the treatment of patients with colored skin.  Because of this, the editors decided to write this book, along with many other dermatologists.

This 'Textbook of Ethnic Dermatology' is an invaluable resource for dermatologists working in a multi-ethnic society needing to know how the physiology and pathophysiology of a disease may differ in the skin of patients of African or Indian ethnic origin, as opposed to the way it may appear in more lightly pigmented skin in patients of for example European origin.


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